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16 Mar 2015

Feb 28, 2015-America-The famous Waterproof android phone online supplier said that the production for those water cell phone is not a easy task as the manufacturer should consider the waterproof problem from the wholly designation of the device rather than just the individual parts or the special treatment.

From the detailed introduction, the buttons of the runbo phone must be the rubber sealing ring which could achieve the totally closed. The other problem should be the battery compartment as most of those mobile phones adopt the pluggable battery. The traditional back covering workmanship could not reach to the good sealing. In that case, if the manufacturer wants to achieve the good effect, the requirement for entire product mold accuracy should be high.

The other problem should be the balancing between waterproof function and the manufacturing cost as the waterproof designation cell phone has very high cost. That is also why the market price for the water proof cell phone is very high.

Even if people get one set of runbo, it could not mean that the cell phone could long time maintain the normally work in the water environment. On the other hand, each people should remind that waterproof does not mean that the smart phone could have good resistance to steam. Please remember that the waterproof cell phone could not be taken into the shower room!

The waterproof android phone from could give people many conveniences especially for people who usually work at the outdoor environment and the waterproof function will play their real role. But still remind each people that the IPXX level more comes from the laboratory data and it will not do good effect in the real environment.


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